AkS Coed SuperDraft

July 30 & Aug. 1

The Coed SuperDraft is back!

The SuperDraft is a two-day tourney, Saturday and Sunday. If you can’t play both days PLEASE do not sign up. Teams are drafted with the expectation that players can make it to both days games.

  • The tourney games will be at Cartee
  • Every team will feature a custom SuperDraft jersey
  • The deadline to get a spot is June 25, BUT once we get 16 teams filled we will release more tickets when we have additional groups of 12 players
  • The draft will be live the Sunday, June 27. This early draft will allow us time to get the jerseys done, will remove the rushed process to the draft, and will give us more game slots.
  • After filling the draft spots we’ll start a waitlist.
  • There will still be a check-in event on the Friday of the tourney location TBA.

Schedule for the weekend of play


  • CHECK-IN: We are hosting an early check-in party on Friday, July 30. Come down and check in and pick up your jersey. We’ll be giving away a bat and a few other items to those that check in Friday. If you’re on the road just let us know, the trick for us is to confirm everyone will be attending, don’t want a team to be short-handed.


  • GAMES: start at 8:30 am

Why do it? Softball season in Alaska is short and every weekend counts. Since Canada will most likely will be closed for non-essential travel, we are assuming the Dawson tourney will be a no-go this year and thought we’d offer up a tourney over the holiday weekend. What better than a SuperDraft to help alleviate the labor of putting a team together.

What it is? Think of when you were a kid and you had to choose up teams from everyone that wanted to play. We’re going back to basics, we’re playing to just play. No Nationals berth, no roster checks, nothing, just play the game and hopefully make some new friends before putting away the gear for the long Alaska winter.

Who? We are shooting for a 16 teams, four women and eight men per team so everyone plays. You don’t have to play on a Coed team to play, men’s and women’s PLAYERS are more than welcome and even encouraged. THIS IS A TWO DAY EVENT, Please don’t sign-up if you can’t commit to playing both days.

How? One of the concerns that has popped up several times is how will the teams be balanced. We can’t guarantee that all the teams will have the same roster and that every game will come down to the last at bat. What we are doing is making sure the people we pick as coaches are knowledgable about the talent that is available and that they are competitive and interested in putting a team together. The draft will be very similar to a fantasy football or baseball draft, 1-16, 16-1 and so on. It will be up to the coach to make the decision about when to grab a pitcher and just how important is a shortstop. We hope by making solid choices for coaches it will help make the rosters a little more balanced.

Here’s what you will get for your $50:

  • 4 game guarantee and everyone plays
  • Official SuperDraft jersey at the event
  • Raffles – everyone will have a shot to walk away with a prize, bat, glove, etc.
  • Details: Jerseys will be available at the tourney. Draft will take place the first weekend of August.

Be responsible: If you sign-up and can’t make it please let us know prior to the draft.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Players must be at least 18 years of age.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Feel free to contact us with questions

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No, we’ll be checking players in at the event


Refunds are available up to the draft day, the Eventbrite fee ($4.59) is not refundable. Once the draft takes place and the uniforms are ordered we will not be able to make refunds but you will receive your jersey.


Kraken playing in about an hour (games are behind), this is triple elim so lots of games left. ...

6 0

Hit Squad play at 8am (AKDT) Sunday… ...

6 1

Alaska Mens 50+ won Gold in their pool at Huntsman tourney in Utah. ...

22 0

Busy weekend for Alaska softball players. This is the Alaska 50+ women’s team, winners of their pool’s Silver Medal at Huntsman tourney in Utah. A few of those ladies were also on the 55+ team that won Gold! ...

13 0

The Alaska 55+ women’s gold winners from Huntsman World Senior Games in Utah.
Women’s 50+ play at 6:30 am for a spot at their pool’s gold medal game
Alaska 50+ men play at 1:10 pm for the gold as well

36 3

Fallball in Anchorage wrapped up last night and unless you are traveling, the ballfields of Alaska will be dormant for the next six months, sans a snowshoe or bootball tourney here or there. We had another great time out at the fields all summer, spending 18 of the 21 weekends at a tourney somewhere, sponsoring four tourneys and watching a lot of softball. Hard to believe it but next year is our 30th anniversary of sponsoring at least one team, and as many as eight during a season we couldn’t say no to the softball director. It’s is also going to be our 25th anniversary for AkS so stay tuned for some unique gear and some cool projects we have up our sleeves for 2023. We gave away 20 bats at our events last year and have already started restocking our closet with sticks for 2023 (see the inventory below), we’ll also have a few raffles for charity as well. Hope to see everyone out there in May…maybe sooner? ...

22 0

Rub 1 Out men’s tourney, 14 teams in Anchorage
1) LYT
2) Paisanos
3) Paladins
4) Duck Hunt

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