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State tourney brackets for Coed A/B/Dxxx

All at Bumpus Softball Fields in Wasilla, updated as of 1:20 am Friday, August 6

AkS SuperDraft 8xxx

Here are the rules, the pool play and tourney schedule. Plus the team rosters. We updated the brackets to clean up some issues, also we’ve tweaked the Unrestricted player rule a bit…

2020 Restricted listxxx

Carter, Josh MSSA
Chadwell, Jordan ASA
Homerding, Kris ASA
Homerding, Nick ASA
Inderieden, Chris GHSA
Powers, Chase ASA
Stinson, Ryan ASA
Abreu, JulioNA
Norman, RandyNA
Parrish, PhilNA
Roe, BobbyNA
Roman, GuillermoNA
Smith, MattNA
Waltrich, JoshNA

USA Softball of Alaska changes for 2020xxx

We finally got our hands on the official changes to State Code from December’s USA Softball of Alaska meeting, here is a look at those changes:

Social Media Policy

An extensive Social Media Policy pertaining to everyone that is involved as coaches, players, parents, guardians or other persons associated with USA Softball of Alaska has been established and can be read here

Age change (2.02)

All Players in Adult Slow pitch teams must be a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age.

Slowpitch Divisions of Play (6.01)

Gone are the Comp men’s league and the Comp women’s league

  • 1. Coed A, B, C, D, E, Faith, and Masters
  • 2. Men’s C, D, and Seniors
  • 3. Women’s C, D and Masters

Rosters (6.04)

  • If a Player transfers to a lower classified team, said player will maintain their original classification level going into the following season.
  • Male rosters shall include only male players and female rosters shall include only female players.

Classification (7.03)

  • The Board will meet following the offering of two sanctioned coed and two sanctioned men’s / women’s tournaments to consider reclassification of teams based on the current league and tournament results for that year. The board shall also meet at the call of the State Commissioner if needed. Teams affected must be notified no later than July 7th of each year.
  • Review players and teams during season play for possible reclassification by July 7.

Classification guidelines (8.04)

  • Coed D rosters may not contain more than one male from a men’s C roster.
Restricted Player list Guidelines (9.02)
  1. USA Softball of Alaska Restricted Players may only play at the highest level of classification offered.
  2. If a men’s team chooses to roster a player from the USA Softball of Alaska Restricted Player List, they will spot two (2) runs for that player and each additional restricted player on their roster.
  3. Coed rosters may have no more than one (1) restricted player from the USA Softball of Alaska Restricted Player List, they will spot four (4) runs for each additional restricted player.
  4. No player may be added to the USA Softball

Tournament Play

  • If a team chooses to pick up a player from the USA Softball of Alaska Restricted Player List that player will be added to their tournament roster. No players will be omitted from the team’s roster.
  • Players from Coed Rec., Coed 5×5, and Coed 7-3 leagues are not eligible for Championship Play

Home Run Rules (14.01)

  • Coed A Two (2) and Progressive Matching home runs for men and women
  • Coed B One (1) and Progressive Matching home runs for men and women
  • Coed C One (1) and done Matching home runs for men and women
  • Coed D&E No Home Runs
  • Men’s C Two (2) and Progressive
  • Men’s D One (1)
  • Women’s C One (1) and Progressive
  • Women’s D One (1)

AkS Classic Team Packetsxxx

Here are the team packets for this weekend’s tourney.

We have 31 teams in four divisions (our largest Classic), all divisions will be two day tourneys starting at 8:15 a.m. Saturday with the if games at 4:25 p.m. Sunday. No Friday games this year but might pursue it next year. We will be using C5/C6 on Saturday and a little on Sunday.

We need to know who teams are picking up by Noon Friday, the earlier the better. Remember Coed C/D you are limited to 5 pickups from your coed level and below, Coed B Open are open rosters but they have to have played Coed B or below. Coed open is just that, just remember players can only play on only one team.

NOTE: We are updating the Coed D bracket, a team had signed up with an association rather than through us so they got missed

A few things to remember:

  1. Please pay your team fee before the brackets start
  2. We are giving away a bat in each level of play, we’ll give your coach tickets to write everyone’s name on for entry.
  3. We are also finishing a three bat raffle we started last weekend ($5 or 5 for $20) about 90 tickets left, we’ll draw Sunday or earlier if we sell out of the tickets. See us at the AkS Gearbox to buy these.
  4. Hit the AkS Gearbox to check out a few end of season hoodies and other gear plus some sale items.
  5. Have fun and enjoy the weekend!

2019 Take A Swing At Cancer Packetsxxx

Here are the details for this weekend’s tourney, we’ll also have a bonus announcement Thursday evening so check our Facebook page for details.


2019 State Tourneys and Reclass listxxx

Start planning your summer with the initial list of the State slow pitch tourneys, full tourney list coming in the next few weeks.

State tournaments
Aug. 3 & 4
Coed A — GHSA in Fairbanks
Coed B — ASA in Anchorage
Coed C — ATSA in Anchorage
Coed D — MSSA in Wasilla
Aug. 17 & 18
Men’s Comp — MSSA in Wasilla
Men’s C — ASA in Anchorage
Men’s D — GHSA in Fairbanks
Women’s — ASA in Anchorage

Moving on Up
Also there are a lot of coed teams moving to make the levels more competitive. Large group of Coec C teams moving up to B as well as Coed D moving up to C. Should make the tourneys a little more balanced. If your team from last season was moved that makes you count as a player from the new level for 2019. Only three players from teams on this new reclass list can play down a level, so if three players from what are now Coed B teams want to play on a Coed C in 2019, everyone else on the team has to be Coed C or below.

Thanks to everyone that played, coached, kept score or umpired this weekend in our 16th AkS Classic!xxx

Thanks to everyone that played, coached, kept score or umpired this weekend in our 16th AkS Classic! Another one on the books, safe travels to everyone hitting the roads.
A few hiccups on Sunday but everything worked out. The young lady that hurt herself at home is having an mri to determine if it’s a MCL or other soft tissue damage.
Coed Open:
1. Team Fam
2. Titans
3. Puffin Joints
Coed C:
1. Fairbanks Finest
2. Diamond Monstas
3. Coldwater Hookers
4. Dolla Signs
Coed D:
1. Mixed Plate
2. Young Bloodz (Kenai)
3. AkSports
aks aksclassic thanks alaska softball

Looking forward to the 17th…

AkS Classic bracketsxxx

Here are the brackets & rules for this weekend’s tourney, starts Friday with some Coed C Open games, rest is 8am-8pm Saturday and 8 am to 5 pm Sunday. Please pay team fee before the brackets. Remember this is a 5 game guarantee so you get three games in the brackets rather than the usual 2, see Kevin if you need more info or have questions.

Coed Open – Open rosters
Coed Open C – players must have played Coed C or below and only one guy from Men’s Comp (there is one team that has had a waiver all year)
Coed D – 5 picks-ups are allow, have to have played Coed D or below and no Men’s Comp players.

Custom cornhole boards we are giving away this

Custom cornhole boards we are giving away this weekend…