Darts League

NDA Doubles

Sport: Soft-tip darts
When: Fridays at 7pm, Sept.-Feb.
Where: Various locations

Two person soft-tip teams, play handicapped games, 6-501, 6-Cricket, 1-701


As of
RkA DivisionWLPct
Bad Beagles00.000
Blind Mice00.000
Bull Sharks00.000
Darting Mamas00.000
Fear The Wall00.000
Feelin Froggie00.000
Fing Wires00.000
Irish Machine00.000
Just Those Kids00.000
Not That Drunk00.000
Pool Sharks00.000
Queen Of Hearts00.000
Ravens Flight00.000
Riggs And Murtaugh00.000
Suicide Squad00.000
Team Lefty00.000
Team Vick00.000
The Saint00.000
Twisted Goat00.000

Sep 28 matches

Visitors vs Home, 7:00 PM start
Suicide Squad vs Bad Beagles at Billiard Palace
Team Lefty vs Fear The Wall at Billiard Palace
Darting Mamas vs Team Vick at Billiard Palace
Fing Wires vs DOD at Billiard Palace
Kamakazis vs Queen Of Hearts at Billiard Palace
Just Those Kids vs Bull Sharks at Billiard Palace
Pool Sharks vs Not That Drunk at Billiard Palace
Dartdawgs vs Moneyshot at Blue Fox
808 vs The Saint at Carpentier's
Blind Mice vs Riggs And Murtaugh at Carpentier's
CVO vs Irish Machine at Carpentier's
Feelin Froggie vs Ravens Flight at Timeout
Keyboard vs Twisted Goat at Timeout

Oct 5 matches

Visitors vs Home, 7:00 PM start
Riggs And Murtaugh vs 808 at Billiard Palace
Queen Of Hearts vs Darting Mamas at Billiard Palace
DOD vs Team Lefty at Billiard Palace
Team Vick vs CVO at Billiard Palace
Fear The Wall vs Pool Sharks at Billiard Palace
Irish Machine vs Blind Mice at Billiard Palace
Not That Drunk vs Kamakazis at Billiard Palace
The Saint vs Feelin Froggie at Blue Fox
Moneyshot vs Suicide Squad at Carpentier's
Bad Beagles vs Just Those Kids at Carpentier's
Bull Sharks vs Fing Wires at Carpentier's
Ravens Flight vs Keyboard at Moose
Twisted Goat vs Dartdawgs at Timeout

Player Stats

Current stats, to view player stats click on player name
Rich Wawrzonek 808 29.482.8043013
Roman Daniel Blind Mice 27.742.6097026
Dean Fleer 808 27.563.1256237143
Michael Linz Not That Drunk 26.852.7077691208
Kirk Gallagher Kamakazis 25.972.65103714260
Gino Villanueva Blind Mice 25.522.8881366208
Derk Inga 808 25.452.5852222130
Todd Castle 808 25.332.7865247156
Floyd Fisk 808 24.982.552110052
Jamie Person Ravens Flight 24.252.43147039
James Willis Not That Drunk 24.132.3784473260
Jeff Tanner Blind Mice 24.132.5176470221
Dale Baxter Bull Sharks 24.062.4291226
Michael Wood Not That Drunk 23.132.5985126
Jason Ferguson Kamakazis 22.952.4288344260
Shawn Mitchell Fing Wires 22.802.2131013
Duane Flajole Bull Sharks 22.262.2679322260
Justin Shepherd Helm Fing Wires 21.742.2098342247
Chad Creeger Just Those Kids 21.362.2298212247
Conrad Machado DOD 20.281.9341120143
Mike Wauson Dartdawgs 20.132.1280243260
Robert Hubbard DOD 19.772.2952026
Kristian Mauk Irish Machine 19.632.334004143
Brad Beiser Feelin Froggie 19.401.6183013
Chris Begich Irish Machine 19.262.014590195
Nichelle Begich Mauk Irish Machine 19.181.8546101169
Donna Kelliegh Dartdawgs 19.061.8953150260
Logan Valls Just Those Kids 18.682.0542039
Nellie Evern Feelin Froggie 18.531.9365131260
Andrew Bratcher Bad Beagles 18.231.867291260
Lario Villanueva Blind Mice 18.162.1420013
Tyler Montano Just Those Kids 18.092.035982260
Ralph Gobert Bull Sharks 17.941.795293247
Kevin Gates Darting Mamas 17.941.796612234
Becca Squires Fing Wires 17.521.644450221
Cody Powers Just Those Kids 17.491.2641013
Jason Greatreaks Darting Mamas 17.291.3682026
Shawn Woodson DOD 17.231.644490221
David Ellis Queen Of Hearts 17.121.535471260
John Wahl Ravens Flight 16.881.546551260
Sean Soellers Moneyshot 16.671.455571260
Darion Gobert CVO 16.261.5270013
Gwen Kostyn Pool Sharks 16.221.524631247
Paul Schuldt Queen Of Hearts 16.181.5470039
Karole Pirot DOD 16.031.4400013
Chris Callihan Moneyshot 16.021.40130052
Chris Callahan Moneyshot 15.991.405900260
Tom Rider Feelin Froggie 15.911.4570039
Rose Wahl Ravens Flight 15.761.555021234
Khara Hood Feelin Froggie 15.541.373820221
Teresa Castle Bad Beagles 15.321.4620013
Stacy Paige Bad Beagles 15.251.523300247
Jennifer Kilfoyle Fear The Wall 15.221.384020247
Gene Chandler Pool Sharks 15.211.434202260
Steven Ellis Queen Of Hearts 15.151.393111221
Jody Haas Darting Mamas 15.041.202211195
Louie Lorenzen Keyboard 14.941.27100039
Michelle Foley CVO 14.761.344500247
Jodie Gage DOD 14.691.362100117
Roy Cobble Keyboard 14.641.434100221
Tassy Edwards Keyboard 14.541.304500260
Tammy Shumaker Fear The Wall 14.441.163900247
Dennis Hayden CVO 14.051.263001247
Jenny Bell Keyboard 13.511.0840013