Darts League

NDA Doubles

Sport: Soft-tip darts
When: Fridays at 7pm, Sept.-Feb.
Where: Various locations

Two person soft-tip teams, play handicapped games, 6-501, 6-Cricket, 1-701


As of November 20th
RkA DivisionWLPct
Bad Beagles9819.838
Pool Sharks7034.673
Bull Sharks6836.654
Not That Drunk6638.635
Team 1 07344.624
Darty Old Men6552.556
Feelin Froggie6354.538
Lost Cause5549.529
Ravens Flight4038.513
Sneak Attack5958.504
Blind Mice4447.484
The Saint5562.470
Island Stylin4559.433
Team Vick4671.393
For Fun4176.350
The Jokers3978.333
Just Lucky2665.286

Dec 1 matches

Visitors vs Home, 7:00 PM start
Bad Beagles vs Pool Sharks at Billiard Palace
Feelin Froggie vs Team Vick at Billiard Palace
Miterspeed vs DOA at Carpentier's
Island Stylin vs For Fun at Carpentier's
The Saint vs Lost Cause at Carpentier's
The Jokers vs Sneak Attack at Carpentier's
Bull Sharks vs Not That Drunk at Flight Deck
Just Lucky vs Blind Mice at Peanut Farm
Team 1 0 vs Ravens Flight at Timeout
Darty Old Men vs Kamikazis at Timeout

Player Stats

Current stats, to view player stats click on player name
Dean Fleer Bad Beagles 27.123.00171139
Michael Linz Team 1 0 26.902.714860117
Gino Villanueva Bull Sharks 26.062.88300378
Derk Inga Bad Beagles 25.332.70241065
Todd Castle Bad Beagles 25.172.67321265
Floyd Fisk Bad Beagles 24.982.55210052
Kirk Gallagher Pool Sharks 24.722.594271104
Jeff Tanner Bull Sharks 24.432.57341091
James Willis Team 1 0 23.232.242520117
Dale Baxter Darty Old Men 22.842.3760113
Shawn Mitchell Lost Cause 22.802.2130013
Duane Flajole Darty Old Men 22.532.314000117
Jason Ferguson Pool Sharks 20.922.222820104
Chad Creeger Not That Drunk 20.911.99361691
Justin Shepherd Helm Lost Cause 20.732.183411104
Nichelle Begich Mauk Miterspeed 20.671.65130039
Conrad Machado Island Stylin 20.201.942710104
Robert Hubbard Island Stylin 20.082.2010013
Kristian Mauk Miterspeed 19.562.352902104
Mike Wauson Feelin Froggie 19.552.143812117
Donna Kelliegh Feelin Froggie 19.071.902500117
Andrew Bratcher Blind Mice 18.891.98290091
Nellie Evern Kamikazis 18.792.002721104
Kevin Gates For Fun 18.661.692801104
Lario Villanueva Bull Sharks 18.162.1420013
Shawn Woodson Island Stylin 18.011.66171091
Ralph Gobert Darty Old Men 17.961.762003117
Chris Begich Miterspeed 17.961.84120078
Logan Valls Not That Drunk 17.702.1620013
Cody Powers Not That Drunk 17.491.2640013
Jason Greatreaks For Fun 17.311.0640013
John Wahl The Saint 17.151.453001117
Sean Soellers Sneak Attack 17.061.433210117
David Ellis The Jokers 16.881.472201117
Tyler Montano Not That Drunk 16.591.91231191
Becca Squires Lost Cause 16.391.39140078
Gwen Kostyn Team Vick 16.251.592501117
Chris Callihan Sneak Attack 16.021.40130052
Khara Hood Kamikazis 15.911.29120065
Tom Rider Kamikazis 15.911.4570039
Rose Wahl The Saint 15.861.512511117
Chris Callahan Sneak Attack 15.741.452700117
Gene Chandler Team Vick 15.631.492100117
Teresa Castle Blind Mice 15.321.4620013
Steven Ellis The Jokers 15.131.311701117
Michelle Foley DOA 15.011.221410104
Jody Haas For Fun 15.001.1870191
Roy Cobble Ravens Flight 14.961.4270039
Stacy Paige Blind Mice 14.951.38130078
Louie Lorenzen Ravens Flight 14.941.27100039
Tammy Shumaker Just Lucky 14.621.06130078
Jennifer Kilfoyle Just Lucky 14.521.3490078
Tassy Edwards Ravens Flight 14.291.25210078
Dennis Hayden DOA 13.791.29901104
Jenny Bell Ravens Flight 13.511.0840013