Darts League

NDA Doubles

Sport: Soft-tip darts
When: Fridays at 7pm, Sept.-Feb.
Where: Various locations

Two person soft-tip teams, play handicapped games, 6-501, 6-Cricket, 1-701


As of November 20th
RkA DivisionWLPct
Bull Sharks10314.880
Bad Beagles8730.744
Fear The Wall6935.663
Twisted Goat5747.548
Not That Drunk6354.538
Feelin Froggie5648.538
Riggs And Murtaugh5859.496
The Saint5859.496
Irish Machine5463.462
Pool Sharks4658.442
Team Lefty5166.436
Queen Of Hearts5067.427
Blind Mice4572.385
Team Vick4473.376
Fing Wires4275.359
Just Those Kids4275.359
Ravens Flight3767.356
Suicide Squad3483.291
Darting Mamas2988.248

Player Stats

Current stats, to view player stats click on player name
Rich Wawrzonek Bad Beagles 33.163.2538013
Sean Palmer DOD 29.523.332326552
Danny Kelley 29.223.2172013
Hollis Versyp 29.083.3225013
James Willis Keyboard 28.503.183424165
Derk Inga Bad Beagles 28.242.953423065
Al Hull 28.242.8762113
Todd Castle Bad Beagles 27.612.852417578
Dean Fleer Bad Beagles 27.403.032416378
Josh Seger Bull Sharks 27.332.8763341117
Gino Villanueva Bull Sharks 26.922.9438244104
Michael Linz Fear The Wall 26.432.7546250104
Kirk Gallagher Pool Sharks 25.862.8051371130
David Wilke Keyboard 25.852.732728091
Eddie Williams Keyboard 25.852.553016178
Floyd Fisk Feelin Froggie 25.012.3674026
Justin Shepherd Helm DOD 24.442.664123191
Jeff Tanner 808 22.822.3939170117
Brad Beiser Dartdawgs 22.312.30209078
Frank Mcdowell Dartdawgs 22.292.391711165
Heather Evans 21.831.9720013
Steve Mangiapane Bad Beagles 21.482.6631013
Chad Creeger Not That Drunk 21.162.094006117
Mike Wauson Feelin Froggie 21.102.0126102104
Mike Barnes Team Lefty 20.742.293050104
Chris Carp Pool Sharks 20.141.971470130
Donna Kelliegh Feelin Froggie 19.902.18274091
Andrew Bratcher Blind Mice 19.571.86274091
Duane Flajole Riggs And Murtaugh 19.331.902560104
Nellie Evern Dartdawgs 19.241.81194065
Joe Mcdowell Dartdawgs 19.131.94122052
Kevin Gates Just Those Kids 19.081.953323117
Shawn Woodson Riggs And Murtaugh 18.571.852940117
Chris Begich 808 18.301.93152065
Scott Aubrey Moneyshot 18.121.633231104
Julie Seger Kamakazis 18.001.73185091
Robert Hubbard Fing Wires 17.972.2140013
Nichelle Begich Mauk Twisted Goat 17.931.722641104
Matt Markovich Team Vick 17.831.7821026
Anthony Gurnsey Blind Mice 17.481.6663052
Tyler Montano Not That Drunk 17.271.702301117
Ralph Gobert Suicide Squad 17.191.562730117
Carrie Keays 17.111.6410013
Marc Kresnowski Fear The Wall 17.101.502310104
John Wahl The Saint 17.081.613000117
Ann Andrews Queen Of Hearts 16.941.6170439
Becca Squires Queen Of Hearts 16.891.60151078
David Ellis CVO 16.751.642710117
Colton Lane DOD 16.561.41161178
Thomas Haas Just Those Kids 16.491.6510013
Tom Rider Team Lefty 16.441.70181091
Sean Soellers Irish Machine 16.251.652820117
Paul Schuldt CVO 16.211.652500117
Rose Wahl The Saint 16.101.612740117
Aaron Hunter Twisted Goat 16.051.88160078
Gwen Kostyn Team Vick 15.731.40150278
Jody Haas Just Those Kids 15.691.24810104
Lisa Wright Team Lefty 15.591.2010013
Chris Callahan Irish Machine 15.581.432610117
Kelley Fleer Queen Of Hearts 15.571.642500104
Tammy Shumaker Fing Wires 15.531.26181091
Stacy Paige Blind Mice 15.531.4370178
Jennifer Kilfoyle Fing Wires 15.431.431410117
Jana Gallagher Moneyshot 15.421.512610104
Khara Hood Kamakazis 15.151.36152091
Tassy Edwards Ravens Flight 15.131.191800104
Jenny Bell Ravens Flight 14.761.40180078
Gene Chandler Team Vick 14.531.42190091
Michelle Lh Foley Suicide Squad 14.301.15700117
Lisa Tanner Darting Mamas 14.221.191200117
Roy Cobble Ravens Flight 14.031.3480065
Marcia Steelman 13.680.8400013
Jodie Gage Darting Mamas 13.581.311610117