Darts League

NDA Doubles

Sport: Soft-tip darts
When: Fridays at 7pm, Sept.-Feb.
Where: Various locations

Two person soft-tip teams, play handicapped games, 6-501, 6-Cricket, 1-701


As of November 1st
RkA DivisionWLPct
Alpha Kenny 1318.795
Happy Feet2712.692
Duck We Are Throwing2514.641
Horny Moose2316.590
Bangin The Neighbors2118.538
Give Yer Bulls A Tug2118.538
Got Wires1214.462
All Bulls Hit1722.436
Yes We Can1722.436
Blind Mice1524.385
Beautifully Savaged1425.359
Northern Flights1128.282
Ravens Flight534.128

Dec 4 matches

Visitors vs Home, 7:00 PM start
Beautifully Savaged vs Horny Moose at BP
Warpigs vs Lunnation at BP
Bioya vs Alpha Kenny 1 at BP
All Bulls Hit vs Blind Mice at BP
Northern Flights vs Lmao at BP
Give Yer Bulls A Tug vs Got Wires at BP
Happy Feet vs Yes We Can at Carps
Kwitcherbitchen vs Bangin The Neighbors at Carps
Duck We Are Throwing vs Ravens Flight at Timeout

Dec 11 matches

Visitors vs Home, 7:00 PM start
Bangin The Neighbors vs Happy Feet at BP
Yes We Can vs Duck We Are Throwing at BP
Lmao vs Warpigs at BP
Lunnation vs Kwitcherbitchen at BP
Alpha Kenny 1 vs All Bulls Hit at BP
Ravens Flight vs Bioya at BP
Horny Moose vs Northern Flights at BP
Blind Mice vs Give Yer Bulls A Tug at Blue Fox
Got Wires vs Beautifully Savaged at Carps

Player Stats

Current stats, to view player stats click on player name
Danny Kelley Alpha Kenny 1 30.993.4958113
Gino Villanueva Alpha Kenny 1 27.913.001320039
Dean Fleer Horny Moose 26.672.672315052
Michael Linz Bioya 26.532.933014052
Kirk Gallagher Happy Feet 25.922.853218065
Derk Inga Alpha Kenny 1 25.602.902410252
Brad Russell Lmao 24.002.57118152
Adam Cooper Warpigs 22.852.22154039
Erik Waugaman Duck We Are Throwing 22.602.16148065
Zak Lunn Lunnation 22.512.18146039
Nellie Evern Kwitcherbitchen 21.201.96102039
Robert Hubbard Got Wires 20.851.8396039
Kirk 20.322.14154039
Brad Beiser Warpigs 20.292.02102039
Josh Cook Bangin The Neighbors 19.592.03143039
Cristina Valdehueza Duck We Are Throwing 19.321.68134039
Andrew Bratcher Blind Mice 19.312.13197065
Josh Stein Bioya 19.111.9383052
Kevin Gates Yes We Can 18.901.89142039
Matt Markovich Lmao 18.431.7883052
Kyle Pead Give Yer Bulls A Tug 18.391.87191052
Marc Kresnowski All Bulls Hit 18.311.98122039
Steven Lopez All Bulls Hit 18.151.9211013
Brandon Phillips Give Yer Bulls A Tug 18.141.8890052
Kelley Coyle Fleer Horny Moose 18.001.8253052
Forrest Odom All Bulls Hit 17.981.8991052
Chris Carp Happy Feet 17.931.88112039
Bryan Barber Bangin The Neighbors 17.761.81122052
Darion Gobert Got Wires 17.721.8962039
Marty Houck Beautifully Savaged 17.431.7291052
April Lunn Lunnation 16.611.5781152
Jesse Hull Beautifully Savaged 16.431.58110052
Khara Hood Kwitcherbitchen 16.341.6341039
Paul Burnham Northern Flights 16.141.8430026
Tassy Edwards Ravens Flight 15.831.1640052
Stacy Paige Blind Mice 15.271.6071052
Jody Haas Yes We Can 14.961.3130039
Mellisa Cummings Northern Flights 14.391.5550152
Roy Cobble Ravens Flight 13.891.1630152