Darts League

AkSports NDA Doubles

Sport: Soft-tip darts
When: Tuesdays at 6:30pm, Sept.-Feb.
Where: Carpentiers and Timeout Lounges

Invite doubles league that plays 11 games. 5-501, 5-Cricket, 1-701


As of February 25th
RkNorth DivisionWLPct
Reverse Oreo12199.550
Wrong Side Of Wire115105.523
Team VS114106.518
Phil 8 Me99121.450
Polar Bulls91129.414
RkSouth DivisionWLPct
44 Magnums13277.632
GG Purple Cobras12188.579
The Nicaraguans112108.509
Team Lefty106114.482
Dart Vaders89120.426

Player Stats

Current stats, to view player stats click on player name
Darren Lopez 44 Magnums 26.953.1354430132
Hollis Versyp Phil 8 Me 24.212.5060420187
Jimmy Lozano 44 Magnums 23.692.7339190110
Mike Laflamme Wrong Side Of Wire 23.512.535072121
KC Haas GG Purple Cobras 21.862.2486310242
Tadashi Brandon Reverse Oreo 21.632.2457150198
Joe Saxton 44 Magnums 21.032.06217077
Gary Smith Reds 21.022.0644120154
Chad Griffith Reds 20.872.0453170187
Mike Barnes Team Lefty 20.702.0670150209
Ty Griffith Reds 20.542.10161244
Steven Lopez The Nicaraguans 20.522.2640120121
Ted Miller Phil 8 Me 20.111.8581022
Jeff Smiley GG Purple Cobras 19.811.9953044
JP Shannon GG Purple Cobras 19.782.0441140176
Jeff Matthis Wrong Side Of Wire 19.681.924681220
Forrest Odom Reverse Oreo 18.831.8458130220
Kristian Mauk Polar Bulls 18.551.83161166
Matt Markovich Phil 8 Me 18.481.6700011
Kevin Lopez The Nicaraguans 17.991.73262099
Michael Siebert Team VS 17.971.826170220
Nichelle Begich Mauk Polar Bulls 17.801.3030011
Kenneth Sledge The Nicaraguans 17.731.894190220
Travis Barios Reverse Oreo 17.451.8040022
Kelsie Gourdin Dart Vaders 17.311.46235066
Kenn Powell Polar Bulls 17.051.552510110
Steffan Pinson Phil 8 Me 17.011.8110011
Kevin Powell Polar Bulls 16.621.633750176
Laura Tucker Dart Vaders 16.601.593522143
Logan Valls Team VS 16.471.855230220
Tom Rider Team Lefty 16.471.622910209
Joe Phil 8 Me 16.101.4910011
Brad Peterson Phil 8 Me 15.921.492611187
Joe Stanich Wetsu 15.701.633920165
Scott Poisson Wetsu 15.251.273110176
Kay Griffith Reds 14.911.1462055
Terri Matthis Wrong Side Of Wire 14.531.30170099
Lisa Wright Dart Vaders 14.491.272101154
Jon Gallagher Wetsu 14.471.1871066
Marcia Steelman Wetsu 14.191.0420033
Stacie Meisner Dart Vaders 14.091.1380044
Cindy Powell Polar Bulls 13.391.0470055