Darts League

NDA Summer Doubles

Sport: Soft-tip darts
When: Thursdays at 7:30pm, March-Aug.
Where: Various locations

Two person soft-tip teams, play handicapped games, 6-501, 6-Cricket, 1-701


As of April 25th
RkA DivisionWLPct
Bad Beagles4718.723
Bull Sharks4421.677
Nailed It3517.673
Feelin Froggie4025.615
Pool Sharks4025.615
Beauty And The Beast3332.508
Frog Lips Knights3332.508
Armed And Hammered3233.492
Team Lefty3134.477
Jolly Corkers2936.446
Not That Drunk2837.431
Riggs And Murtaugh2837.431
Darty Deeds3431.346
Sneak Attack2243.338
F Ing Wires1735.327
Wheeler Dealers2045.308
Suicide Squad1537.288

Player Stats

Current stats, to view player stats click on player name
Rich Wawrzonek Beauty And The Beast 31.523.8643013
Derk Inga Bad Beagles 28.452.98817052
Dean Fleer Bad Beagles 28.433.452111252
Gino Villanueva Bull Sharks 28.153.152118152
James Willis Family 27.923.392821365
Josh Lenhart Not That Drunk 27.613.031511039
Todd Castle Bad Beagles 27.542.71238152
Mike Laflamme Nailed It 27.122.891714039
Kirk Gallagher Pool Sharks 26.882.753022065
Michael Linz Family 26.382.3953026
Justin Shepherd Helm Nailed It 25.502.481216039
Jeff Tanner Bull Sharks 25.122.802112052
Hollis Versyp Beauty And The Beast 24.922.421812165
Andrew Wauson 23.652.442510065
Jason Ferguson Armed And Hammered 23.412.46269165
Matt Markovich Nailed It 23.192.2164026
Duane Flajole Riggs And Murtaugh 20.602.39176065
Brad Beiser Frog Lips Knights 20.502.26184065
Mike Barnes Team Lefty 20.472.03202065
Chris Carp Not That Drunk 20.271.91115065
Nellie Evern Frog Lips Knights 20.172.02154065
Andrew Bratcher Family 20.171.9243039
Donna Kelliegh Feelin Froggie 20.162.10205065
Chris Begich Bull Sharks 19.921.9732039
Logan Valls Pool Sharks 19.872.3781026
Greg Wheeler Wheeler Dealers 19.282.04165165
Kristian Mauk Miterspeed 19.252.17151052
Shawn Woodson Riggs And Murtaugh 18.861.88111065
Jen Cooke 18.711.6595065
Vennie Robbins Jolly Corkers 18.651.64173065
Mike Wauson Feelin Froggie 18.562.12192065
Nichelle Begich Mauk Miterspeed 18.341.81102152
Becca Squires Kamikazis 18.332.05172039
Sean Soellers Sneak Attack 18.051.7793065
Ralph Gobert Suicide Squad 17.771.89101052
Kelley Fleer Jolly Corkers 16.911.72120065
Tom Rider Team Lefty 16.351.7190052
Jennifer Kilfoyle F Ing Wires 15.851.48101052
Chris Callahan Sneak Attack 15.601.35131065
Michelle Foley Suicide Squad 15.221.6150052
Candy Ferguson Armed And Hammered 15.181.5861065
Khara Hood Kamikazis 15.171.3930039
Kaitlyn Gallagher Pool Sharks 15.131.2320039
Lisa Wright Team Lefty 14.971.1920013
Tammy Shumaker F Ing Wires 14.881.3070052
Marc Kresnowski Not That Drunk 14.761.3220026
Bobbie Wheeler Wheeler Dealers 13.871.0440165