Darts League

NDA Team

Sport: Soft-tip darts
When: Thursdays at 7pm, Sept.-Feb.
Where: Various locations

Four person soft-tip teams, play handicapped games, 8-501, 8-Cricket


As of September 18th
RkA DivisionWLPct
Angry Penguins00.000
Bad Beagles00.000
Bad To The Bone00.000
Bum Box Boyz00.000
Jolly Corkers00.000
Moose Groovers00.000
No Skill Just Lucky00.000
Shake And Bake00.000
Team Vick00.000
Wrong Hole00.000

Sep 27 matches

Visitors vs Home, 7:00 PM start
Bum Box Boyz vs Riffraff at Billiard Palace
Angry Penguins vs Wrong Hole at Billiard Palace
Dooners vs Shake And Bake at Billiard Palace
Team Vick vs Bad To The Bone at Carpentier's
Rookies vs Shafters at Carpentier's
Jolly Corkers vs Moose Groovers at Moose
Bad Beagles vs No Skill Just Lucky at Timeout

Oct 4 matches

Visitors vs Home, 7:00 PM start
Shafters vs Bad Beagles at Billiard Palace
Bad To The Bone vs Rookies at Billiard Palace
Wrong Hole vs Team Vick at Billiard Palace
Riffraff vs Dooners at Carpentier's
Shake And Bake vs Angry Penguins at Carpentier's
No Skill Just Lucky vs Jolly Corkers at Elks 2868
Moose Groovers vs Bum Box Boyz at Timeout

Player Stats

Current stats, to view player stats click on player name
Alvin Arzaga Shafters 30.843.4844382103
Sean Palmer Team Vick 29.183.573120380
Todd Castle Bad To The Bone 27.632.7746285113
Rich Wawrzonek Team Vick 27.353.092830180
David Wilke Bad To The Bone 26.932.6638261119
Dean Fleer Team Vick 26.843.0445262128
Darren Lopez Rookies 26.732.9142201112
Derk Inga Bad To The Bone 26.292.783119096
Roman Daniel Shafters 26.133.0486016
Gino Villanueva Shafters 25.873.0238263121
Michael Linz Shafters 25.792.6129210104
Hollis Versyp Team Vick 25.472.643720096
Eddie Williams Bad To The Bone 25.462.4035231128
Pat Walker Dooners 24.942.7561292152
Michael Sexton Bad To The Bone 24.772.6629190104
Jim Porcelli Wrong Hole 24.482.3638221112
Jimmy Lozano Rookies 24.262.632712096
Floyd Fisk No Skill Just Lucky 23.842.441710056
Jamie Person Shafters 23.802.6541170136
Steve Mangiapane Team Vick 23.742.3032150128
Kirk Gallagher No Skill Just Lucky 23.642.7463312152
Joe Saxton Rookies 22.862.2274032
Jeff Smiley Moose Groovers 22.241.781108
Greg Tatum Bad To The Bone 21.642.212070112
KC Haas Rookies 21.302.3734120120
Isaac Schwartz Wrong Hole 21.282.3740016
Matt Markovich Team Vick 21.232.2935150136
Jason Ferguson No Skill Just Lucky 21.222.33204056
Justin Shepherd Helm Angry Penguins 20.573.100008
Glenn Irby Riffraff 20.561.9553160160
Brad Beiser Rookies 20.212.254108
Mike Barnes Bum Box Boyz 20.032.2032100128
Mike Wauson Dooners 19.742.002008
Duane Flajole Angry Penguins 19.721.893491143
Conrad Machado Shafters 19.521.9981048
Brian Green Team Vick 19.361.951108
Steven Lopez Rookies 19.332.09204080
Kevin Davis Jolly Corkers 19.231.832290111
Lana Tebbits Rookies 19.161.880018
Robert Hubbard Angry Penguins 19.151.893330129
Charlie Valdehueza Shafters 18.862.332008
Ryan Stinson Rookies 18.662.783108
Andrew Bratcher Angry Penguins 18.651.943740160
Ralph Gobert Bad Beagles 18.601.762051104
Michael Seibert Wrong Hole 18.581.673891137
Tyler Montano Dooners 18.461.823031144
Matt Simons Team Vick 18.462.852008
Kevin Lopez Rookies 18.241.9680048
Bosko Olson Bad Beagles 18.151.7838121144
Kenneth Sledge Rookies 18.091.901341112
Donna Kelliegh Dooners 18.011.852820152
Vera Hart Riffraff 17.891.40900120
Daniel Green Bum Box Boyz 17.521.733941160
Helga Walker Dooners 17.361.622631160
Alex Gould Moose Groovers 17.321.90160055
Logan Valls Moose Groovers 17.311.60214096
Shawn Woodson Angry Penguins 17.251.892121144
Margaret Hale Wrong Hole 16.891.7181081
Lario Villanueva Shafters 16.811.270008
Chris Carp Moose Groovers 16.801.910008
Vennie Robbins Moose Groovers 16.741.472930151
Lance Harrington Rookies 16.711.642008
Tom Rider Bum Box Boyz 16.681.481900159
Jerome Colding Riffraff 16.281.702710152
John Wahl Shafters 16.241.5320040
Cheryl Anspach Shake And Bake 16.011.4010016
Khara Hood Wrong Hole 15.961.481810136
Shawn Hatfield No Skill Just Lucky 15.881.412200144
Gene Chandler Shake And Bake 15.881.532400135
Chris Callahan Moose Groovers 15.841.49113088
Gwen Kostyn Shake And Bake 15.801.591900120
Toni Hackney Jolly Corkers 15.761.362403120
Maile Mergler Wrong Hole 15.541.741811127
Phill Adams Jolly Corkers 15.521.421312104
Sandra Browning Bad Beagles 15.471.500008
Tassy Edwards Shake And Bake 15.411.301401120
Dolores Jones Riffraff 15.381.522131160
Jodie Gage Riffraff 15.381.4320124
Marykay Miller Riffraff 15.291.213008
Larry Roe Shake And Bake 15.191.3371049
Jenny Bell Moose Groovers 15.041.5650024
Homer Tinker Bad Beagles 15.021.161300127
Crystal Green Bum Box Boyz 15.001.531601144
Candy Ferguson No Skill Just Lucky 14.991.431311136
Roy Cobble Shake And Bake 14.941.361800128
Kelley Fleer Moose Groovers 14.751.6460180
Joely Marie Lugdon Moose Groovers 14.661.1840032
Kim Carlisle Jolly Corkers 14.621.0170040
Liz Meeker Moose Groovers 14.611.2450056
Michelle Foley Bad Beagles 14.501.292200136
Val Kuhn Bum Box Boyz 14.441.142008
Gretchen Hackney Jolly Corkers 14.431.33140088
Tammy Shumaker Shake And Bake 14.361.211500128
Eugene Roberts Riffraff 14.291.360008
Dennis Hayden Bad Beagles 14.241.401410119
Roz Barnhill Jolly Corkers 14.141.0490089
Kaitlyn Gallagher No Skill Just Lucky 14.001.4760064
Ray Meeker Moose Groovers 12.290.880008