Darts League

NDA Team

Sport: Soft-tip darts
When: Thursdays at 7pm, Sept.-Feb.
Where: Various locations

Four person soft-tip teams, play handicapped games, 8-501, 8-Cricket


As of November 12th
RkA DivisionWLPct
Bad Beagles6830.694
Shake And Bake6943.616
Wrong Hole6349.563
Angry Penguins6250.554
Bum Box Boyz3436.486
Bad To The Bone5260.464
Moose Groovers3139.443
Jolly Corkers3959.398
No Skill Just Lucky3167.316
Team Vick2573.255

Nov 29 matches

Visitors vs Home, 7:00 PM start
Wrong Hole vs Shake And Bake at Billiard Palace
Bad To The Bone vs Riffraff at Billiard Palace
Jolly Corkers vs Team Vick at Billiard Palace
Bad Beagles vs Dooners at Carpentier's
Rookies vs Angry Penguins at Carpentier's
Shafters vs Moose Groovers at Moose
No Skill Just Lucky vs Bum Box Boyz at Timeout

Player Stats

Current stats, to view player stats click on player name
Alvin Arzaga Bad Beagles 33.683.88817224
Josh Seger Bad Beagles 29.523.141720048
Darren Lopez 29.083.055218
Rich Wawrzonek Bad Beagles 28.683.55912024
Dean Fleer Bad Beagles 28.382.97109132
Todd Castle Bad Beagles 27.902.74105148
Eddie Williams Dooners 27.632.831810140
David Wilke Dooners 27.392.521414048
Derk Inga Bad Beagles 27.022.97510032
Gino Villanueva Dooners 26.452.662211064
James Willis Moose Groovers 26.373.237108
Aj Cherry Shake And Bake 26.122.472713064
Danny Kelley Bad Beagles 25.712.655408
Jamie Person Shafters 25.282.422013064
Kirk Gallagher Angry Penguins 25.222.751811064
Michael Linz Shafters 24.622.601915056
Justin Shepherd Helm 24.583.004108
Michael Sexton Dooners 24.512.90123032
Hailey Cherry Shake And Bake 23.982.732114064
Ryan Stinson Bum Box Boyz 23.832.28176040
Bradley Russell 23.792.363108
Greg Tatum Dooners 23.382.27127048
Floyd Fisk Jolly Corkers 23.192.444008
Jason Ferguson Angry Penguins 23.022.56270362
Steve Mangiapane Bad Beagles 22.882.2060016
Matt Markovich Riffraff 22.772.25168056
Steven Lopez 22.092.0800016
Glenn Irby Moose Groovers 22.022.05104040
Brad Beiser Shake And Bake 21.852.40218056
Jim Porcelli Wrong Hole 21.672.08215056
Michael Seibert Wrong Hole 21.121.8372132
Arkie Silcot Bad To The Bone 20.572.08152048
Tyler Montano Shake And Bake 20.572.112108
Chris Carp Riffraff 20.421.90143056
Andrew Bratcher Riffraff 20.042.09134056
Joe Rose Jolly Corkers 19.871.860008
Nellie Evern 19.602.0942016
Logan Valls Bum Box Boyz 19.421.8472040
Sean Soellers Jolly Corkers 19.351.6173024
Joe Mcdowell Wrong Hole 19.331.761008
Ralph Gobert Bad To The Bone 19.031.866008
Kc Haas Bum Box Boyz 18.802.0070032
Duane Flajole Shafters 18.291.6671024
Kenneth Sledge Bum Box Boyz 18.271.6420040
Bosko Olson Bad To The Bone 17.882.13161064
John Wahl Shafters 17.221.4161032
Aaron Hunter Angry Penguins 16.961.6850156
Chris Callahan Jolly Corkers 16.931.4175056
Dolores Jones Moose Groovers 16.731.5724040
Cristina Valdehueza 16.641.1330016
Marc Kresnowski Shafters 16.571.85130064
Bob Gust Moose Groovers 16.551.4000016
Vennie Robbins Jolly Corkers 16.371.5881048
Khara Hood Wrong Hole 16.251.39100164
Tassy Edwards Team Vick 16.161.2151056
Jerome Colding Moose Groovers 16.071.8680032
Rodney Downer Shake And Bake 15.881.4860040
Tom Rider Riffraff 15.871.6070048
Kelsey Gierke No Skill Just Lucky 15.781.5081056
Maile Mergler No Skill Just Lucky 15.751.6451056
Gwen Kostyn Team Vick 15.701.3250040
Kelley Fleer Wrong Hole 15.651.74110164
Amanda Lopez No Skill Just Lucky 15.651.5091056
Robin Harms Shafters 15.591.242008
Eddie Trubiano Bad To The Bone 15.530.8700016
Anthony Gurnsey Shafters 15.471.580008
Homer Tinker Bad To The Bone 15.461.3380064
Gene Chandler Team Vick 15.311.4670056
Brandy Arrington Jolly Corkers 15.281.4150056
Candy Ferguson Angry Penguins 15.131.4291063
Karole Pirot Rookies 15.121.1340048
Joel Barco Shake And Bake 15.081.1930040
Vera Hart Moose Groovers 15.081.4040024
Tammy Shumaker Team Vick 15.011.2210016
Jodie Gage Rookies 14.881.3970056
Kourtney Frazier Rookies 14.831.46110064
Kristine Herrin Rookies 14.701.1430032
Roy Cobble Team Vick 14.631.1670056
Dennis Hayden Bad To The Bone 14.591.1730040
Michelle Lh Foley Bad To The Bone 14.031.300008
Kim Kerckhoff Rookies 14.001.2060056
Marcia Steelman No Skill Just Lucky 13.870.9140040