Darts League

NDA Team

Sport: Soft-tip darts
When: Thursdays at 7pm, Sept.-Feb.
Where: Various locations

Four person soft-tip teams, play handicapped games, 8-501, 8-Cricket


As of October 19th
RkA DivisionWLPct
3 Bulls And A Cow1612.571
Tips in Holes86.571
Bad To The Bone1513.536
Bum Box Boyz1513.536
Who Darted1513.536
No Skill Just Luck1414.500
The Rookies68.429
Show Me Your Tips820.286
Team Vick721.250

Nov 5 matches

Visitors vs Home, 7:00 PM start
Bad To The Bone vs Tips in Holes at BP
The Rookies vs Dooners at Carps
Bye week for Team Vick
Bum Box Boyz vs Show Me Your Tips at Carps
Who Darted vs 3 Bulls And A Cow at Carps
Shafters vs No Skill Just Luck at Timeout

Nov 12 matches

Visitors vs Home, 7:00 PM start
Tips in Holes vs Who Darted at BP
Team Vick vs Shafters at Carps
No Skill Just Luck vs Bad To The Bone at Carps
Bye week for Show Me Your Tips
3 Bulls And A Cow vs The Rookies at Moose
Dooners vs Bum Box Boyz at Timeout

Player Stats

Current stats, to view player stats click on player name
Hollis Versyp Bum Box Boyz 27.033.202208
Derk Inga Dooners 26.002.762508
Ryan Stinson Bum Box Boyz 25.561.6752016
David Wilke Dooners 25.222.1371016
Jamie Person Shafters 24.762.6363016
Todd Castle Dooners 24.612.6141016
Jim Porcelli Who Darted 24.252.1133016
Gino Villanueva 24.102.692308
Eddie Williams Dooners 23.442.332008
Michael Sexton Dooners 23.192.6040016
Zak Lunn Bum Box Boyz 22.972.6022016
Marc Kresnowski No Skill Just Luck 22.952.1372016
Mark Vlahovich Who Darted 22.022.4353016
Dale Baxter 3 Bulls And A Cow 21.471.7530016
Andrew Bratcher Tips in Holes 21.302.665108
Steven Lopez No Skill Just Luck 20.612.042008
Kenneth Sledge Bum Box Boyz 20.392.1030016
Edwin Hardon Bad To The Bone 20.361.392008
Brad Russell Bad To The Bone 19.871.922208
Andrew Wauson 3 Bulls And A Cow 19.702.203008
Josh Cook Shafters 19.332.0321016
Vincent Rizzuto Who Darted 19.101.502008
Forrest Odom Tips in Holes 18.981.881008
Duane Flajole 3 Bulls And A Cow 18.611.7930016
Bosko Olson Bad To The Bone 18.602.2461016
Arkie Silcot Bad To The Bone 18.421.641008
Marty Houck Shafters 18.281.4051016
Chris Carp Shafters 18.191.9340016
Logan Valls Bum Box Boyz 17.571.863008
Amanda Lopez No Skill Just Luck 17.351.650108
Robin Harms 3 Bulls And A Cow 17.141.823008
Maile Mergler Norwood No Skill Just Luck 16.991.2930016
Kelley Coyle Fleer The Rookies 16.931.992008
Chris Callahan Show Me Your Tips 16.871.2220016
Kristine Herrin The Rookies 16.541.503008
Tassy Edwards Team Vick 16.380.9830016
Brad Peterson Tips in Holes 16.151.261008
Katrina Taylor Who Darted 16.091.303008
Khara Hood Tips in Holes 15.591.521008
Inge Mitchell 3 Bulls And A Cow 15.481.4040016
Gene Chandler Team Vick 15.281.1740016
Sandra Browning Bad To The Bone 14.861.3720016
Rachelle Tenderella Show Me Your Tips 14.731.0220016
Gwen Kostyn Team Vick 13.921.3800016
Kelsey Gierke No Skill Just Luck 13.781.7020016
Roy Cobble Team Vick 13.561.2300016
Natalie Vlahovich Who Darted 13.501.1520016
Esric Haddock Show Me Your Tips 13.271.1730016
Kim Kerckhoff The Rookies 13.241.371008
Robin Hillhouse Show Me Your Tips 12.971.0810016
Kassie Anderson The Rookies 9.921.050008