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FatBurger Midnight Sun One Pitch men’s open division
1) K.A.P. (C)
2) Ground Crew (D)
3) Bank Boys/1931 Sports (D)

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FatBurger Midnight Sun One Pitch Coed Open
1) Ivory Jacks (E)
2) Plan B (C)
3) Good Titrations/Glass Doctor (D)

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Should be a nice weekend for softball! ...

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Congrats to this weekend’s big winners, that is everyone that got to meet, watch, and/or play against the USA Patriots. Amazing group that epitomizes what sports are all about and are Patriots in the most sincerest sense of the word.

P.S. Shout out to Hitmen for showing some unparalleled class as well!

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Men’s C Bracket at Pot of Gold ...

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The USA Patriots with retired and active duty players at the field ...

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