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Name PPD MPR G W 01 Hat T80 HiTon Crk Hat 9 mrk 8 mrk 7 mrk


As of October 25th
RkA DivisionWLPts
Eddies' Crew000
High On Darts000
Rat Pack000
Bulls Hit000
Young Gunz000


03|27vs Eddies' Crew at
03|27vs Young Gunz at
03|27vs Rat Pack at
03|27vs High On Darts at
03|27vs Pioneers at
03|27vs Bulls Hit at
04|03vs Pioneers at
04|03vs High On Darts at
04|03vs Rat Pack at
04|03vs Young Gunz at
04|03vs Eddies' Crew at
04|03vs Bulls Hit at
All matches are at 7:15 PM

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