Darts| Dec 23, 2012

Next Match Up is League Position Round on January 9th

This week’s standings remain the same as last weeks with O’Brady’s still in lead. Here are the highlights for Wednesday, December 19th.

Moose Lodge vs Flight Deck
The Moose Lodge’s Untouchabulls win over the Flight Deck team with a score of 16-7 in a entertaining match. Greta would like me to note that she hit two outer bulls on the diddle and won one of her diddles. Saying that that she “never does that” during a game! There you go Greta, you have now been mentioned in the newsletter! High Dart goes to Tony of the Moose with a T25 and a Ton, as well as Tons for Donna, Kirk and Danny x2. High dart for the Flight Deck Team goes to Dave with a T25 x2 along with a Ton and a Ton for Floyd.

Hideaway vs Mo’s O’Brady’s
The Hideaway team got a visit from the O’Brady’s team this week for a close match that went back and forth but was decided in the team game when the Hideaway came out victorious with a score of 13-10. No other information provided.

Carpentiers vs American Legion Post 28
The Post 28 visited Carpentiers’ Ugly’s for this week match and won 19-4. High Darts go to Jason of the Post 28 team with a T20.

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