News | Jun 19, 2017

League Pick-Up Rules

No one wants to show up for their game only to find out the other team is a no-show or they lack enough players to play. A lot of leagues allow for teams to pick-up players to help avoid this and play their scheduled games without forfeits. The pick-ups are not a free-for-all but have restrictions to who, and how many you can pick up, these rules change from association to association, here’s a look a few of the rules:

Details Anchorage
Players needed to play 8 8 9 8
Max players allowed to pick-up 3 Enough to get
to 8
2 (Unless opposing team agrees to more) 3
Player must be rostered on a team in that league of play, a Coed can pick-up a coed player, pick-ups for men’s or women’s league must be on a men’s or women’s team roster. Yes Yes Yes Yes
You can pick-up to have more than 10 No No No No
Pick-ups can be from the scheduled opponent Yes
Pick-ups have to be from your division and have a game that night Yes Yes
Players may be only borrowed from the scheduled opponent and the opponent chooses which players will be lent out Yes
Pick-ups have to be from the same class or lower Yes, exception is in Coed E can play in Coed F
If a late player from the team that has pick-up player(s) arrives, they must be immediately inserted into the lineup as a substitute for one of the picked up players Yes Only if an injury Yes Yes
Borrowed pick-up players may return to their own team and will be considered as eligible
Yes No Yes Yes
If not listed please see your local association’s website.