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Sunday, January 7 to Saturday, January 13

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Tuesday, January 9

AkSports NDA Doubles - Anchorage

TimeVisitors vs Home
6:30 PMPhil 8 Me vs Reds at Carpentier's
6:30 PMTeam VS vs Reverse Oreo at Carpentier's
6:30 PMWrong Side Of Wire vs Polar Bulls at Carpentier's
6:30 PMDart Vaders vs The Nicaraguans at Timeout
6:30 PMTeam Lefty vs GG Purple Cobras at Timeout
6:30 PMWetsu vs 44 Magnums at Timeout

Wednesday, January 10

Windy City Dart League - Anchorage

TimeVisitors vs Home
7:15 PMDouble Trouble vs Beaver Pokers at Billiard Palace
7:15 PMPioneer Ponders vs Eddies at Eddie's
7:15 PMOche Jockeys vs Mixed Pickels at O'Brady's

Thursday, January 11

NDA Team - Anchorage

TimeVisitors vs Home
7:00 PMWrong Hole vs Trunk Monkeys at Billiard Palace
7:00 PMTeam Vick vs Foxy 4 at Blue Fox
7:00 PMShafters vs Bad To The Bone at Carpentier's
7:00 PMFour In The Pink vs Mixed Nuts at Carpentier's
7:00 PMBackstreet Bulls vs Jolly Corkers at Elks 2868
7:00 PMHalftime Drinks vs Moose Groovers at Moose
7:00 PMDooners vs Ru Yeddi at Timeout

Friday, January 12

NDA Doubles - Anchorage

TimeVisitors vs Home
7:00 PMThe Saint vs Pool Sharks at Billiard Palace
7:00 PMLost Cause vs Team Vick at Billiard Palace
7:00 PMThe Jokers vs Darty Old Men at Carpentier's
7:00 PMBull Sharks vs Just Lucky at Carpentier's
7:00 PMFor Fun vs DOA at Carpentier's
7:00 PMTeam 1 0 vs Sneak Attack at Carpentier's
7:00 PMMiterspeed vs Not That Drunk at Flight Deck
7:00 PMBad Beagles vs Blind Mice at Peanut Farm
7:00 PMFeelin Froggie vs Kamikazis at Timeout
7:00 PMIsland Stylin vs Ravens Flight at Timeout