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Sunday, February 10 to Saturday, February 16

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Tuesday, February 12

AkSports NDA Doubles - Anchorage

TimeVisitors vs Home
6:30 PMBone Patrol vs Chick Fil Atio at Billiard Palace
6:30 PM44 Magnums vs Wetsu at Billiard Palace
6:30 PMReverse Oreo vs Wrong Side Of Wire at Billiard Palace
6:30 PMPhil 8 Me vs Beer B4 Bullseyes at Billiard Palace
6:30 PMDa Girls vs GG Purple Cobras at Billiard Palace

Wednesday, February 13

Windy City Dart League - Anchorage

TimeVisitors vs Home
7:15 PMPioneers vs Rat Pack at Billiard Palace
7:15 PMYoung Gunz vs Bulls Hit at Crossroads
7:15 PMEddies' Crew vs High On Darts at Pioneer

Thursday, February 14

NDA Team - Anchorage

TimeVisitors vs Home
7:00 PMShake And Bake vs Bad Beagles at Billiard Palace
7:00 PMMoose Groovers vs Team Vick at Billiard Palace
7:00 PMRiffraff vs Rookies at Billiard Palace
7:00 PMBad To The Bone vs Shafters at Carpentier's
7:00 PMBum Box Boyz vs Angry Penguins at Carpentier's
7:00 PMDooners vs Jolly Corkers at Elks 2868
7:00 PMWrong Hole vs No Skill Just Lucky at Timeout

Friday, February 15

NDA Doubles - Anchorage

TimeVisitors vs Home
7:00 PMTwisted Goat vs Team Vick at Billiard Palace
7:00 PMMoneyshot vs Queen Of Hearts at Billiard Palace
7:00 PMDarting Mamas vs CVO at Billiard Palace
7:00 PMBad Beagles vs Not That Drunk at Billiard Palace
7:00 PMKamakazis vs Blind Mice at Billiard Palace
7:00 PMBull Sharks vs Fear The Wall at Billiard Palace
7:00 PMPool Sharks vs 808 at Billiard Palace
7:00 PMTeam Lefty vs Feelin Froggie at Blue Fox
7:00 PMJust Those Kids vs The Saint at Carpentier's
7:00 PMSuicide Squad vs Riggs And Murtaugh at Carpentier's
7:00 PMDartdawgs vs Irish Machine at Carpentier's
7:00 PMDOD vs Keyboard at Moose
7:00 PMFing Wires vs Ravens Flight at Timeout