Slowpitch | Jun 19, 2017

Big tourneys coming up

The next four weeks are the busiest on the tourney schedule and it’s almost all coed. Here’s a look at your options around the state:


24th & 25th — Tudor Bingo Cash Out  (Coed A/B $275); Bovey Invitational (Coed C $250); Tudor Bingo Invitational (Coed D $200 6 pick ups): At Cartee in Anchorage, 2RR/DE  Deadline Tuesday, Contact your local association to register

24th & 25th — Midnight Sun One Pitch Tournament (Men’s/Women’s/Coed $200): At Hez Rey in Fairbanks, 24 hour tourney, contact Danette Bonham at 1-907-452-6768 Deadline Tuesday


1st & 2nd — Kenai Firecracker (Coed C & D/E/Rec $250): in Kenai, Deadline June 27th, Contact your local association to register

1st & 2nd — July Magic (Coed A/B,C/D/Rec $225): in Valdez, Deadline June 27th, Call Allie Ferko at 1-907-202-0711 to register your team and for more details.

1st & 2nd — Seward Tourney: in Seward, $250 Deadline June 27th, Contact your Anchor Town Sports to register

7th, 8th  & 9th — Golden Days (Men’s Comp, C/D; Womens Open; Coed A/B, C, D $250): in Fairbanks, Deadline June 30th, contact Danette Bonham at 1-907-452-6768

13th to 16th — 42nd Annual Rainball Tournament : in Juneau, $350 Deadline June 30th, Contact the Juneau Softball Association