Slowpitch | Jul 28, 2014

State and City Tourneys 101

This Tuesday is the deadline for signing up for this weekend’s Coed State tourneys:

  • Coed Comp in Anchorage at Cartee
  • Coed C in Anchorage at AnchorTown
  • Coed D in Fairbanks at Hez Rey

Here are some pointers for this weekend’s Coed State, next weekend’s Anchorage City tourneys and the following two weekends of Men’s & Women’s State Tourneys:

  • Sign up through your local association, then they can send all your teams to the proper locations for each tourney level.
  • Uniform rules are in affect, so your team MUST have alike shirts with a minimum 6 inch number on the back. Alike means same color, half the team in pink and half in blue is not alike, three uniforms from two years ago and the rest a different design and color from this year is also not alike.
  • The deadline about checking your roster was July 15th, double check this week and make sure everyone is legally signed up. Finding out 8:30 Saturday morning that one of your players isn’t signed up and just drove 300 plus miles north, south or west but they can’t play is not fun.
  • State allows 3 pickup players from your level of play or below
  • Pickup players are required to wear their team’s jersey so teams can identify who is on your roster and who isn’t
  • Game time is forfeit time so please check the brackets and get the right times before everyone disperses after a game
  • EXPECT TO ARRIVE EARLY, the umpires will be testing your bats again for the State Tourneys and putting a new sticker on them for this weekend’s Coed tourneys AND again for the Men’s & Women’s State Tourneys…

Have fun!