Mugshot Men’s Results

Jul 26, 2015 | AkSports

Comp – 11 teams 1) Five Star (A) 2) Far North (A) 3) Grizz (F) C League – 20 teams 1) Team Imperial (J) 2) Spurs (T) 3) Peppers (F) 4) Nome United (N) D League – 11 teams 1) USAR AK (A) 2) AK Golfshot (M) 3) Full House (AT)

Golden Days Tourney Results

Jul 12, 2015 | AkSports

Mens Comp – 8 teams 1) Grizz (F) 2) AK Avalanche (A) 3) 9 Deep (A) Mens C/D – 8 teams 1) Sons of Pitches (F) 2) Ground Crew (F) 3) Red Peppers (F) Womens – 4 teams 1) Pitch Slapped (F) 2) BD Lashes and Assez (A) 3) Ladies of Loxley (F) Coed Comp

Pot-Of-Gold, Serigraphics results

Jun 29, 2015 | AkSports

Pot-Of-Gold – Money tourney, 11 comp teams from Anchorage & Fairbanks 1) Summit ESP, Anc 2) 5 Star, Anc 3) Rover Plus Nine, Anc 4) Far North / Mass X, Anc Serigraphics – 12 C/D/E teams from Anchorage & Wasilla 1) Young’s Concrete, Anc 2) Abusement Park, Wasilla 3) Domino’s, Anc 4) Vito’s, Anc

Midnight Sun One Pitch Results

Jun 22, 2015 | AkSports

At Hez Ray Fields in Fairbanks

Anchorage Sports Men’s Tourney posted

May 6, 2015 | AkSports

This Sunday’s men’s tourney info can be found here Take a look at the rules, there are a few new ones including — Most notable: Each team getting two new balls at the beginning of the tourney, that will be all for the day.

2015 Restricted list released

Nov 22, 2014 | AkSports

Here it is, if this list effects you or your team please review it. Appeals will be accepted by the State Player Rep starting January 1st. If you are a player or a manager that wishes to appeal a players inclusion to this list please send your appeal to the state player rep, Brad Peterson.

Restricted men's players affect Coed rosters

Feb 17, 2014 | AkSports

The 2014 list for restricted men’s players is out and while it changed minimally from last year, it affects coed immensely.  Here is the list: These 33 men’s players and the combination of Coed A & B into a Comp league have added some new rules to forming a Coed Team, here are the pertinent

Merrill Lynch wins first Men's Comp Tourney

May 13, 2013 | AkSports

Merrill Lynch fought through the losers bracket and double-dipped TnT/Guido’s. Men’s C/D results to come.

Men's Comp League Softball Meeting

Mar 16, 2013 | AkSports

There will be a meeting for players, managers and coaches of this summers Men’s Comp league on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 6:30 at GUIDO’S. Your imput will determine how this league will be run. Please be there and let others know about the meeting.