Darts| Dec 13, 2012

Moose Takes Second Place from Post 28

Mo’s O’Brady’s Bunch keeps the lead for first place in the Windy City Dart League. The Moose Lodge’s Untouchabulls pushed Post 28 back to third place and took second place this week. Here are the highlights for Wednesday, December 12th.

Moose Lodge vs American Legion Post 28
The Moose Lodge’s Untouchabulls win over the American Legion Post 28 with a score of 13-10 in a back and forth match that was finally determined by the team game. The Moose finally got into the game after losing their first 301 Singles match to Jason on Post 28 and took the next three games. Then Cricket got ugly as Post 28 took 3 of the 4 singles games. When it came to the 401 S0/D0 Singles games it was split with some close games. Donna hit a Ton on in her 401 Singles match against Abner who beat her to the out. Both teams spilt all the doubles games, making it a tie match leading into the team game. The Untouchabulls then came on and took the team match. Danny, Captain of the Moose team, says, “This win was for Tony who couldn’t play with us this evening.” High Dart goes to Dean of the Moose with a T20, T31 and T40 and honorable mention to Donna who shot a ton.

Flight Deck vs Hideaway
The Hideaway team went to the Flight Deck this week and won 16-7 in this match up. Keith, Captain of the Flight Deck team, says, “Close games and Marlene brought FUDGE!” High Darts for the Hideaway team went to Neil for shooting a T16. Flight Deck High Darts go to Dave who shot a T14 and Honorable mention for his 94 on and a seven mark on the 19’s. So, how was the fudge??

Mo’s O’Brady’s vs Carpentiers
The Carpentiers’ Ugly’s visited Mo’s O’Brady’s for this week match. O’Brady’s beat Carpentiers 18-5. Adam, Mo’s O’Brady’s Bunch Captain, says, “It was a great time as usual with the Carps team, many of the games came down to the out. And the Carps stayed around for a game of Berma Road. Fun time had by all.” High Darts go to Pat with a T25, Helga and Andrew both shot a T21.

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