Slowpitch| Aug 17, 2020

Men’s D and Women’s D State

Here is the tournament mitigation plan for Anchorage.  The mask rule for players has been waived after consulting with the Municipality, which is great news.  Masks will still be required to enter the complex and will need to be worn off the field whenever proper social distancing cannot be maintained.

A few highlights from the plan:
  1. Teams must sign and return a waiver prior to being allowed into the complex.
  2. Spectators must sign in and out (have to stay under 50 persons total per field between players, staff, spectators).  If fields are at capacity, spectators must watch the game from outside the complex.
  3. No alcohol in the Cartee complex.
  4. Teams must exit the complex ASAP after their game to allow for the next group to enter the complex.
  5. Incoming teams must wait for the dugouts to be sanitized and the outgoing teams to exit the complex before they may enter and take their dugout.
  6. Spectators will need to provide their own seating.