News| Aug 26, 2021

AkS Classic rules, pools & brackets

Here are the details for this weekend’s AkS Classic. This year we added a rule we started during the AkS SuperDraft:

Females CANNOT be thrown out running from home to 1st base, from an outfield position (or an assist from an OF position).

Other details of note:

  • 1st – Hoodies (max 15)
  • 2nd – Hoodies (max 15)
  • 3rd – T-Shirts (max 15)
  • 4th – T-Shirts (max 15 D/E only)

Bat giveaways

  • 1 per division
  • 2 at large

C Open only

May designate ONE player to be “UNRESTRICTED” this player’s HR’s do NOT count against the team’s totals. Walk them and they get a triple and if it’s a guy and there are two outs the woman can take 2nd. Don’t have to touch 1st or 2nd.